Thursday, August 04, 2011

Japanese Candlesticks Sheet

Did you click here first? If you did, stop reading right now and go through the entire Japanese Candlesticks Lesson first!

If you're REALLY done with those, here's quick one page reference sheet for single, dual, and triple candlestick formations to easily identify what kind of pattern you are looking at whenever you are trading.
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Number of BarsNameBullish or Bearish?What It Looks Like?
SingleSpinning TopNeutralSpinning Tops
DojiNeutralDifferent Types of Dojis
White MarubozuBullishWhite Marubozu
Black MarubozuBearishBlack Marubozu
Hanging ManBearishHanging Man
Inverted HammerBullishInverted Hammer
Shooting StarBearishShooting Star
Number of BarsNameBullish or Bearish?What it Looks Like?
DoubleBullish EngulfingBullishBullish Engulfing
Bearish EngulfingBearishBearish Engulfing
Tweezer TopsBearishTweezer Tops
Tweezer BottomsBullishTweezer Bottoms
TripleMorning StarBullishMorning Star
Evening StarBearishEvening Star
Three White SoldiersBullishThree White Soldiers
Three Black CrowsBearishThree Black Crows
Three Inside UpBullishThree Inside Up
Three Inside DownBearishThree Inside Down

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